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In "Remembrance", on this day of loss!

On this day of "remembrance" . . . the impact of 9/11 has extended way beyond anything we could imagine in our society or our culture. When devastating tragedy occurs . . . we as Americans stand together and stand strong. We stand . . . "UNITED". We close our eyes to pray and remember the senseless lives lost on that day the world stood still and we watched life as we knew it . . . "change".

That single moment in time affected us all in our own way. The loss of loved ones, the vision of destruction that is forever imbedded in our minds and the fear of losing our "freedom".

That moment in time turns our focus to our home life, time spent with family, our faith in God, and our increased expressions of patriotism such as flying our American flag.

As we remember this day, Americans pay tribute to those who lost their lives that fateful day. We gather in unity and dignity to honor the freedom that we have fought for so many times in the past, the freedom our loved ones have died for and those freedoms that we "continue" to fight for "today".

As this disconnection with the "unity" of this great country occurs in today's society . . . I have to ask . . . Did those inflicting this anger and destruction forget that day that we as Americans stood "UNITED"?

Did those unhappy with this great country forget about the 2606 lives lost in the Twin Towers and surrounding area or the 6000 people injured? Did they forget about the 87 people that died on Flight #11 when it hit the North Tower and the 56 people on Flight #175 that flew into the South Tower. Or the 64 people that died on flight #77 when it crashed into the Pentagon killing yet another 125 people?

And what about the 44 lives lost on Flight #93 in that lonely Pennsylvania field, who sacrificed" their" lives to save the lives of the plane's destination?

Maybe this upset of today is because many of these people unhappy with our beloved country aren't "old" enough to remember that devastating day of "loss", the feeling of helplessness or the terror of the thought that we may lose our "freedom" and country.

Are the majority of the people that hate our beloved country so "deeply" today . . . just "too young" to understand what it truly means to be terrorized and under attack?

Whatever the reason . . . we as Americans need to stop being part of the terrorist problem and become part of the "united" solution!

It's so important to remember the memories of disaster "everyday" because these memories contain valuable lessons. Remembering . . . makes us "stronger" as human beings and" Americans".

So today and everyday I will stand strong and remember the lives lost on this day 19 years ago.

I "did" stand in a moment of silence at 8:46 today in prayer, respect and remembrance for the lives lost and the "unity" of our great country.

On this day of "remembrance", my thoughts and prayer go out to the families that lost their loved ones and to our great country in hopes that we can someday find "peace" in our heart, mind and body once again.

So I'll leave you today with a quote that says it all:

Yesterday is OUR "history",

And tomorrow is just a "mystery",

But today is gift and that why it's called the "present"

So appreciate with all your heart the "present" of today. We've all been gifted with a new day of promise, wonder and "freedom". So stand "strong" America . . . and "REMEMBER" everyday how fortunate we really are in life . . . because as we know tomorrow is not promised.

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