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"Independence Day"

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

So today . . . I'd like you to remember what this day of "Independence" really means to us as Americans.

As we all know . . . there's a lot of upset and division within our country right now.

So today . . . is the day we need to "REFOCUS" and "AGAIN" learn to appreciate what this day truly stands for.

It's "not" just about the fireworks, family reunions, concerts, barbecues, picnics, parades or baseball games . . .

It's about remembering that our forefathers "found a way" . . .

To "put their differences aside" . . .

And "join together" . . .

To work for a "common goal"!

And while declaring "independence" on this great day . . .

They also declared "interdependence".

You see . . . back on July 4th 1776 . . . it wasn't just about declaring independence (separation) from Great Britain . . . it was also about declaring "interdependence" within the 13 colonies.

Meaning . . . these 13 colonies "now" had to "depend" on "one another".

Don't we get that anymore people???

Did we forget???

Why has this great country of ours . . . "lost" the true concept of what "INDEPENDENCE" really means???

"Independence" means freedom from "outside" control

It's about "banding together" and becoming "ONE NATION UNDER GOD"!

It's about "depending" on your follow countrymen . . .

Not the "division" of people within our country . . .

So when you celebrate today . . . celebrate the "true" meaning of this glorious day . . .

And let's start acting as "one nation under God" . . .

Not this divided country we've become today.

Tomorrow . . . we'll continue with "Omega-3 fats" and "ADHD"

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