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"Inflammation" and "Anxiety"

Okay . . . so today . . . let's take a moment and talk about the connection between "inflammation" and the "anxiety" we feel in today's world

Because . . . let's be honest people . . . we all have it and at times . . . it can become out of control.

Now . . . the "inflammation" markers we spoke of yesterday, are a direct cause of worry and anxiety. And with this . . . it can compromise the immune system, potentially leaving us with an increased risk of physical illness.

Okay . . . with that being said . . . there's a specific nerve called the "vagus" nerve that lands smack dab in the middle of this mess.

And "low vagal tone" can lead to a heightened stress response, which becomes chronic and with this . . . the result can be depression, negative moods, loneliness, heart attacks and stroke, gut issues and you guessed it . . . "anxiety".

And with this process . . . It can also cause even "more" inflammation!

So what can help stimulate the vagus nerve to relieve some "anxiety"???

Well . . . that would be . . . one of the major reasons we have "inflammation in the first place. Lack of "good" bacteria in the body.

You see . . . "Pre" and "Pro"biotics reduce inflammation and help to correct the "vagus" nerve and its "vagus tone". Which in turn . . . relieves the "anxiety".

So if you find yourself with "anxiety" at a peek in your life . . .

Hydrating the body by drinking more water and replenishing the "good" bacteria in the body will control that "anxiety".

So tomorrow we'll talk about what foods are "anti-inflammatory" and can relieve this inflammatory response in the body.

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