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"Intermittent Fasting"

So yesterday, we spoke about "jump starting" the weight loss process with "intermittent fasting" . . .

And I told you . . . I'd give you my opinion on this topic . . .

Well, here it is people . . . even though many diet plans tell you it's okay to do "intermittent fasting" for weeks and even months.

It's really "not" a good idea . . . and why you ask???

Well . . . "intermittent fasting" long-term can "increase levels of "cortisol" . . . remember cortisol is the body's "stress" hormone and "belly fat producer".

You see . . . "intermittent fasting" is a delicate thing . . . and there are "good" and "bad" points to it.

So let's better understand . . .

"Intermittent fasting"

Long-term . . . it can cause hunger and craving, binge eating, headaches, lightheadedness, digestive issues, irritability and mood changes, fatigue and low energy, sleeping issues, dizziness, low blood sugar levels, muscle aches and dehydration.

And if done long enough . . . is can even lead to anemia, a weakened immune system, liver and kidney problems and an irregular heartbeat. It can also cause a vitamin and mineral deficiency, muscle breakdown and diarrhea.

BUT . . . the BENEFITS of a SHORT-TERM "intermittent fasting" are this . . . it can burn "fat" by generating body heat, kickstart the metabolism, improve gut health, promote a healthy heart, reduce inflammation and can even help to reverse diabetes.

Okay . . . with that being said . . . what do I think about "intermittent fasting"???

I totally believe in this process . . . BUT . . . only "short-term"

I do this process once a month for "only" 2 day.

This is enough to "retrain" my body to burn "fat" for fuel, give my pancreas a break from producing so much insulin and give my digestive process a chance to regroup.

You see . . . when we eat all the time, the wrong food and too much of it . . . our organs never have a chance to take a breath. This in turn, puts a lot of stress on them and we end up with pancreatitis or liver and kidney issues.

So be kind to your body and give it a little break.

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