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Is "Red" Meat Bad For You?

Okay . . . so let's continue our conversation from yesterday about "BEEF". . .

Unfortunately . . . not all beef is good to eat . . .

So today . . . I'd like to tell you a little story about the life . . . of a "commercial cow".

As we know . . . cows are "supposed" to eat grass . . . a creation of nature.

But . . . commercial farmers feed their cows processed grain to make them grow "faster". And with this . . . the cow becomes riddled with inflammation.

This poor cow is also given growth hormones in the grain feed, to make them become even fatter, which makes for more meat that benefits the farmer and their bottom line of profit . . .

But . . . this meat is "marbled" with fat and "NOT" a benefit to the consumers health.

So let me ask you this . . . when you buy "red meat" . . . do you look for a steak that has a lot of "marbling" because you know that steak will taste so juicy???

Or regular "ground beef" apposed to "lean ground beef" because you know the flavor of that burger will melt in your mouth???

This is marketing strategy . . . and the result of commercial cows and their meat being "fattened" up.

Now . . . at this point . . . the cow is so overweight that it becomes filled with inflammation . . . and now is given "antibiotics" so the meat can be sold to us without disease.

Okay . . . so if you've been part of my Health tip journey. . . then you know . . . that whether we consume antibiotics personally or we consume meat from an animal that has been treated with antibiotics . . . and is now in the meat . . .

Antibiotics "kill" our "good" bacteria that is our foundation to optimal health and our immunes system's army of defense against "bad" bacteria, viruses and disease.

So with that being said . . . what about "grass-fed" beef??? How are they raised???

Well . . . these cows are raised 100% on grass . . .

And with this . . . they gain their weight naturally (not fattened up), "no" growth hormones are used, and therefore . . . the chance of that cow being sick with "inflammation" is very slim. And from this . . . no "antibiotics" are needed.

This is a healthy cow and meat . . . naturally!

So what are the benefits of "grass-fed" beef???

Well . . . it's lower in fat, contains less omega-6s and more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, contains more linoleic acid which is a type of "fat" that can reduce heart disease and cancer risks, and has more antioxidant like vitamin E.

So please . . . think twice about where your beef comes from. Organic grass-fed "lean" beef is best.

And to answer the question . . . can we eat "beef" for one of our proteins and still lose weight???

Absolutely yes. . . we "DO" need a compliant amount of this "protein" for the body to function properly and lose weight.

Now . . . that doesn't mean it's okay to go out and eat a big steak every day people . . .

But . . . incorporating "grass-fed" lean red meat twice a week is compliant with losing weight.

Tomorrow we'll talk about another source of "protein".

As always, feel free to contact me here

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