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Is "Sugar" slowly killing us? Part 1

This is what "Sugar" looks like to most of us. And for the most part, we are trying to stay away from it. BUT . . .

What we don't know is that "manufactures" are "still" loading our food with "hidden" additives.

How . . .?

Well, let me explain. In yesterday's Health Tip I spoke about the "Other Ingredients" list on labels of supplements, food and beverages . And that we as the "public" are being blindsided and mislead by manufacturers and the government regulators into thinking because the "Nutritional Facts" or "Supplement Facts" lists sugar or added sugar as low to none . . . that we are doing good and that we're getting a "Compliant" product.

BUT . . . we are so very wrong because if you look at the "Other Ingredients" list on that product, you will see multiple "Other Ingredients" that we weren't bargaining for. We spoke about just a very small faction of them yesterday.

So today we're going to concentrate on just the "Sugar" ones. We all know about the "Artificial sweeteners" like:

Acesulfame Potassium - which is in Sunnett and Sweet One

Aspartame - which is in Nutrasweet and Equal

Saccharin - in Sweet 'N Low, Sweet Twin and Sugar Twin

Sucralose - in Splenda

Stevia/Rebaudioside - in A Sweet Leaf, Sun Crystals, Steviva, Truvia and PureVia

Neotame - also in Nutrasweet

And that we shouldn't consume them, but what if a product says "No artificial sweetener"?

Is there still sweeteners and sugar in that product? In a word "Yes" most likely!