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Is there a way to "counteract" GMO foods?

So, as we've discovered this week . . . the "main" concern with "GMO foods . . . are their "adverse" effects on the human body . . . such as antibiotic resistance, toxicity and allergenicity.

And agricultural scientists and many independent humanitarian organization such as the Gates Foundation and the United Nations . . . "argue" that GMOs are "critical" tools to help farmers increase yields, combat pests and adapt to shifting climates.

But . . . the U. S. National Library of Medicine says . . . the 5 "ethical" issues with GMOs are . . .

Potential harm to human health

Potential damage to the environment

Negative impact on traditional farming practice

Excessive corporate dominance

And "unnaturalness" of the technology

With other "new" unexpected effects and health risks posed by this "genetic engineering" being . . . immuno-suppression, loss of nutrition and cancer

So I guess the next question we should ask is this . . .

Does the body's "internal dialogue" know the "difference" between GMO food and NON-GMO foods???

Well unfortunately . . . the answer is "NO"!

The body "doesn't" notice a difference . . . until the food is trying to be digested . . . and now the body calls out for "inflammation . . . to tell the body's T cells, B cells and antibodies to react and protect us.

And guess what one of the biggest "NEGATIVE" affects to the body is with this process???

Well . . . that would be . . . our "BONE DENSITY"

You see . . . the problem is this . . .

GMO foods are "genetically modified" to "resist" weed killers . . . and this is so farmers can "SPRAY" these toxic weed killer chemicals on their food crops.

And with this . . . the farmers "doesn't" have to worry about "accidentally" killing the food crop . . . while "eradicating" the weeds.

But . . . now that food crop . . . that "WE'RE" eating . . . is "CONTAMINATED" with "toxic weed killer"!!!!

And there's a "clear" connection between the "digestion" of GMOs and liver and kidney damage . . . which all leads to "DESTROYING" OUR "BONES"!!!!

You see . . . when the body's vital "detoxification" organs like the liver and kidneys are "damaged" . . . . or overworked trying to "eliminate" these GMOs . . .

They simply just can't keep up the process of providing the body with the "cleansing" it need of these toxins.

So next week . . . let's talk about a few ways to counteract the effect of GMOs and our "BONES"

Because "Osteoporosis" is "WAY" too common in today society.

With approximately "10 MILLION" Americans having been diagnosed with "OSTEOPOROSIS" . . .

And another . . . "44 MILLION" Americans having "LOW BONE DENSITY" . . . which places them at an "increased" risk!!!!

This is an issue people!!!!

So . . . I'll leave you this week with the words of "Hippocrates" . . .


BUT . . . . he wasn't talking about GMO, edible vaccine foods . . . he was talking about "ORGANIC"

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