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It's "Mindful" Monday

So today let's talk about another one of the 5 senses to "mindfulness" . . .

And that would be "TOUCH"

Today we honor Memorial Day . . . a day that "touches" so many hearts.

You see . . . to "touch" something can either be a physical or "emotional" act.

And today . . . is all about the "mindfulness" of "emotion".

To honor someone is to give them your "undivided" attention and feelings . . . to be the very best version of "yourself" . . . for "their" cause.

So today . . . let's not just celebrate with parades, picnics and gatherings . . .

Let's celebrate with a moment of silence . . . a moment of gratitude . . . a moment of respect . . . a moment of understanding . . .

And most of all . . . a moment of "mindful TOUCH"

Open your "heart" and let this moment in time "TOUCH" your "inner you"!

Truly "FEEL" this moment in time.

Truly "APPRECIATE" the sacrifices that have been made for our freedom.

So thank you . . . to all the men and women that lost their lives protecting us, our families and our freedom.

As Beth Pennington once wrote . . .

"As we set today aside to honor and thank our veterans . . . let us be "mindful" that we should do this "every day" of the year . . . not just one"

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