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It's "Mindful" Monday

So where did I get my "calm" on this weekend???

Well . . . from the "last" of the 5 sense of "mindfulness" . . .

And that would be . . . "mindful TASTE"

My "mindful TASTE" moment was eating some delicious apples with my "secret sauce"

And with this . . . my "taste buds" were doing a "happy dance".

You see . . . the "flavors" from the food we love comes in contact with our "taste buds" . . .

It then activates our "nerve receptors" . . . which sends signals to our "vagus nerve" . . . remember we spoke of this nerve a few weeks ago . . . and the "vagus" nerve is then responsible for transmitting what we "taste" to our brain.

So . . . one of the most important parts to remember about "mindful" thinking and body communication is this . . .

The body only "achieves" what the "mind" believes . . .

And "mindful TASTE" has a lot to do with that . . .

You see . . . "mindful TASTE" . . . now becomes about "mindful EATING" . . .

And some of the things we need to practice for "mindful TASTE" are . . .

"Observe" - am I really hungry or just thirsty

"Be present" - let go of technology

"Savor" - notice the taste, aroma and texture

"Be aware" - notice how you feel with every food you consume

So why is this important to the success of our health???

Well . . . "mindfulness" is an intentional "focus" on our thoughts, emotions and physical sensations like "TASTE" . . . in that "present" moment.

And it can make us "aware" that we've had enough to eat or even what our "mood" will be after a meal.

This is done by "focusing" on the flavor, texture, aroma or even temperature of what we "taste".

It's also done by eating slowly and not rushing through a meal, chewing thoroughly (32 time per mouth full), eliminating distractions (technology), eating in silence and focusing on how the food makes us feel.

"Eating mindfully" means that you are using "ALL" your physical and emotional senses to experience and enjoy the food you choose.

And a great way to practice "mindful TASTE" is this . . .

Gently place a food item in your mouth . . . now . . . without chewing . . . "notice" how you where able to put that food into your mouth . . .

Was it by your figures . . . spoon . . . fork . . . how was it presented???

Now . . . "still" not chewing . . . explore it texture, shape and taste with your tongue . . .

Do you "notice" the urge to "chew"???

Well . . . that's normal . . . but don't give in "yet" . . . take this few seconds to "savor" the possibilities of that food item . . . and then "enjoy" the true "TASTE" of what you've eaten.

So what is being "mindful" really all about???

Remembering . . . we are "shaped" by our "thoughts" and "become" what we "think" in life.

And the 5 senses of "mindfulness" . . . sight, sound, touch, smell and taste are how we accomplish that mission.

Helen Keller once said . . .

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be "felt" with the heart.

So this week we'll be continuing our talk about . . . "protease", "glutens" and "lectins"

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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