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It's "Mindful" Monday

So today is about celebrating our "FREEDOM" and "INDEPENDENCE"

And to do that . . . I'm giving back to the community by hosting a 4th of July party for some of the "seniors" in my home town.

You see . . . this week's "Mindful" Monday is about . . . having the privilege in this great country of ours . . . to "SHARE kindness to others".

Today is about the celebration of 247 years of "NATIONHOOD"!

And "Mindfulness" is a lot like "independence" . . . because it helps us choose how we want to act in the world around us . . .

SHARING senses of "mindfulness" with others . . . helps them to interact in a meaningful and pleasant way that builds "community".

And when we depend on and assist one another . . . it creates a real sense of belonging, teamwork and SHARED destiny knowing that we can "trust" and depend on our fellow neighbor.

So how does "mindfulness" relate to "kindness"???

Well . . . this cultivates an attitude of open, unconditional friendliness.

And "mindful" living consists of embracing kindness, staying in the present and simply trying to be a better person.

It's about . . . focusing more on others . . . than focusing only on ourselves.

It's about . . . opening our heart and being aware of that moment . . . to appreciate things like our "FREEDOM" and "INDEPENTENCE"

So how can we practice "Mindful SHARING"???

Well . . . that would be . . .

Keep others in mind

Listen to them

Stay active in our relationships

Volunteer our time

And love with all our heart

So today . . . I'm going to make sure the "seniors" that are attending my celebration know they are truly loved.

And "I" choose . . . due to my "independence" and "mindfulness" . . . to honor our nation and its "freedom.

So have a happy 4th of July . . . stay "safe" and be "mindful"!

This week . . . we'll be talking about how to live comfortably "without" a "gallbladder"!

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