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It's "Mindful" Monday

So this weekend's "Mindful" moment for me . . . was about . . . a "PROUD" momma moment.

You see . . . one of "my" most peaceful places to be . . . is being one with nature.

And my garden fulfills that need.

And when I look at my garden . . . I feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

So how does "Mindful" PRIDE" effect us in life???

Well . . . feeling "good" about things that you do . . . builds "confidence".

And a sense of "accomplishment" is a result of working toward and reaching goals, mastering an endeavor and having "self-motivation" to "finish" what you set out to do.

And this "accomplishment" rewards us with a feeling of "anticipation, structure and meaning.

You see . . . this sense of "pride" . . . contributes to the body's health and wellbeing . . . because it "increases" "SELF-RESPECT", which can boost your "self-esteem" and "immune system".

"Mindful-PRIDE" can motivate people to strive for success and act with "compassion"

Now . . . this "mindful-PRIDE" I'm talking about is an "authentic" pride that is measured by self-control . . . whereas . . . "hubristic" pride is measured by "impulsivity" and "aggression".

And my garden is one of my "happy" places here at Miracle Meadows that gives me that feeling of an "authentic pride".

So what kind of "happiness" does achievement give us???

Well . . . "happiness" lies in the thrill of that creative effort. And the human spirit needs to accomplish, to achieve and to triumph . . . to be happy.

You see . . . "happiness" and being "proud" of your accomplishments in life . . . can actually "improve" our health . . . because this "happy" feeling can help us eat healthier, be more active, get better sleep, help to lower high blood pressure and even help to lose excess body fat.

So find your "happy" place in life and be "proud" of your accomplishments . . . no matter how big or small.

This week . . . we're going to continue and talk about the many benefits of "bile salts"

PLUS . . . the special "FRIEND" bile salts need.

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