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Keeping a "food journal" for 2 days

Okay . . . so a few days back . . . we were talking about "CONTROLLING" our weight during the Holidays.

And we ended with the importance of a 2 day "intermittent fasting" done once a month to jump start the fat burning process and to give the digestive system a much needed break from digesting all the food we eat .

So today . . . let's continue . . .

And keeping a "food journal" for 2 days (not the same 2 days you do an intermittent fast) . . . will help to put things back into perspective.

Now . . . I myself, don't have a lot of time in my day to "food journal" on a "daily" basis

But . . . taking just a few days to jot down what I've "REALLY" eaten . . . helps me get back in control.

I see this all the time with my clients . . .

What we "think" we eat in a day . . . and what we "ACTUALLY" eat in a day . . . are two completely different things.

And keeping an app or food journal . . . tracking what we "really" eat . . . will help that eye-opening moment to reality.

So keep the app or journal with you at ALL times so you can "immediately" log your food choices . . . therefore . . . this journal will be "actuate" . . . and you won't forget to log it in later.

You see . . . that's where most of us go wrong . . .

We're busy in our day and say . . . "I'll log that in later, I promise I'll remember . .

But in reality . . . later never come . . . and we forget about that little calorie item

You see . . . with this method of "ACCOUNTABILITY" . . . and the calories you've consumed directly staring you in the face . . . it makes you think twice about what you're consuming in any given day.

It also helps you determine is you've consuming the right types of food . . . like "proteins", "carbs" and "fats" . . . at the right time of day.

So get your phone out or a food journal and keep track of "EVERYTHING" (food or liquid) you've consumed for 2 days.

Many of you will be "surprised" at how much food you "REALLY" consume in a day.

So tomorrow . . . we'll talk about some of your food choices.

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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