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"L-Lysine", our saving grace!

Okay . . . so yesterday we spoke of the amino acid called "arginine" and its "importance" to optimal health and weight loss.

But . . . we also spoke about too much of this amino acid is "not" always a good thing.

So what is this amino acid called "L-lysine" or "lysine" all about???

And why is it our "saving grace"???

Well . . . we've spoken about this amino acid many times before for different reasons . . .

"But "lysine" plays an important role in helping tissue grow and recover from damage. It promotes calcium, iron, and zinc absorption, assists collagen growth, supports production of enzymes, antibodies and hormones, lowers blood pressure, can treat diabetes. and boosts the immune system.

"Lysine" also has the ability to fight against "herpes simplex" viruses. This is due to the fact that "arginine" is an "essential requirement" for the "replication" of "viruses" and progression of viral infections.

So I guess my next question would be . . . is this a factor in COVID19 also???

Now . . . the problem with "lysine" . . . unlike "arginine" . . . is that its an "essential" amino acid that the body "doesn't" naturally produce. Remember yesterday we discovered that the body produces" all the "arginine" we need for optimal health and weight.

So we "MUST" get "lysine" through the food we eat or in supplement form.

And increasing the body's intake of "lysine" can improve many health conditions.

Okay . . . so what are some of the signs that we may be deficient in "lysine"???