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Laying the Foundation for a New Year

Okay people . . . I"M BACK!

And I hope you had a safe and happy Christmas and New Year celebration with family and friends.

I know I did.

But . . . now it's time to take back our control.

It's time to build a NEW foundation for our life and health.

As I've said many times before . . . it doesn't look like we're going to get any relief from these mystery "viruses", inflation or the upset in the world anytime soon.

So it's time to get our health in control so we can better deal with what life is handing us.

Because . . . as I see it . . . there's a whole lot of "ANXIETY" going on.

And the cause . . . "INFLAMMATION" in the body.

Okay . . . so we left off last year talking about this "inflammation" that wrecks havoc to the body.

And tomorrow we'll recap and then we'll continue with an "anti-inflammatory" food list and controlling "anxiety".

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