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"Lectins" and how they affect us

So we've been talking about the "chemicals" in the "brain" that affect our "eating habits" . . .

And yesterday . . . I spoke of how "lectins" can also affect these "brain chemical"

So let's take today . . . and briefly talk about the other elements of "lectins" that can affect our "weight loss" efforts . . . before we continue on how to "correct" our "brain chemicals"

First question of the day . . . what is a "lectin"???

And why do they affect . . . some people "negatively"???

Well . . . for those of you that are unaware . . .

"Lectins" are a small "protein" . . . found on the skin and in the seeds of almost all plant life.

And these "lectins" were created to "protect" plants, vegetables and fruits from . . . fungus, insects, birds, animals and even "humans".

This is "natures" way of "sustaining" life for those plants.

So "lectins" aren't a "BAD" thing . . . but rather . . . just part of "nature".

And the "ONLY" time these little "proteins" affect the "human body" and its "health" . . . is "IF" . . . the body's "IMMUNE SYSTEM" is "COMPROMISED".

And this would be due to the "body" NOT being able to "eliminate" them "correctly".