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"Lectins and Inflammation"

So I'm sure you've all heard of "Lectins" before.

Well . . . today let's discover their connection with "inflammation".

But first let's review . . .

As we know . . . lectins are a type of "protein" found in most plants (fruits and vegetables) as a defense mechanism against insects, mold, fungi and disease.

Now . . . "lectins" have kind of gotten a bad rap because these fruits and vegetables that contain lectins are actually "nutritionally sound" and we need them for optimal health.

But . . . when the body is lacking in "good" bacteria and our "bad" bacteria and its "inflammation" are out of control . . . these fruits and vegetable that contain "lectins" now become the enemy to us.


Well . . . as we know . . . the majority of "good" and "bad" bacteria in the body lives in our large intestine or colon. And the small intestine are basically sterile with only a small amount of bacteria where the large intestine connects to the small intestine. These "good" bacteria are the "gate keepers" to our health.

Now . . . when our "bad" bacteria breaks through this "gate" and enters the small intestine . . . we're in trouble and don't even know it.

At this time . . . this "bad" bacteria weakens the walls of the small intestine which allows "lectins" to burrow large holes in the small intestinal wall allowing, "lectins", toxins and human waste to enter our bloodstream which causes the immune system to send out even "more" inflammation" trying to solve this problem of invaders in our blood.

And when "lectins" get into our bloodstream they cause miscommunication throughout the body sending mixed signals to our organs. Especially affecting the adrenal glands and thyroid gland.

And with this . . . "lectins" in the bloodstream can prevent the body from absorbing other substances that have nutritional value.

Okay . . . but if the ratio of "good" to "bad" bacteria is "correct" and "good" outweighs the "bad" . . . and the "gate keeper" is not destroyed . . . then "lectins" are eliminated from the body as they're supposed to be, which allows the nutrients from that fruit or vegetable to be absorbed correctly into the bloodstream and body.

So yes . . . lectins cause more "inflammation" to the body . . . IF . . . the immune system is compromised . . .

But . . . it's actually . . . the "bad" bacteria that lurks deep within us . . . causing all the problems.

So . . . moral to this story . . . while we're taking the time to correct our "good" to "bad" bacteria ratio and eliminating "inflammation" . . . we must be mindful and also eliminate "high" lectin foods.

Tomorrow, we'll continue this conversation

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