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Let's Regroup!

I know over the past several days . . . I've given you a lot of information to think about . . .

So today, I thought we'd take a moment to regroup . . . and I'll try to simplify if you're still unclear as to "how" we gain weight and "why" it's so hard to lose.

Okay . . . so due to the stress in our life, the medications we take and this Western diet we love so much . . .

Our "good" bacteria in our large intestine becomes depleted . . . allowing the "bad" bacteria in our large intestine to take over the digestive tract.

This "bad" bacteria now travels to the small intestine, which is supposed to be basically "sterile"

At this time . . . the "bad" bacteria weakens the wall lining of the small intestine and slows or stop the process of correct elimination of waste from the body. This is when constipation and/or diarrhea can come into play.

Now remember . . . the normal function of the small intestine is to allow the nutrients from the food we eat to penetrate its wall lining and find a very small hole in the lining to get through. This is so the nutrient can attach to blood in the bloodstream which carries the nutrient to our cells for energy.

But . . . the food that we eat containing "lectins" enters the body. These lectins "hitchhike" onto the nutrients in our food and travels to the stomach and then the small intestine.

And at this point . . . a healthy digestive system would eliminate the lectins as a toxic waste from the body . . . but with an overgrowth of "bad" bacteria . . . these "lectins" are "not" eliminated . . . they just continue to hitchhike a ride through the small intestinal wall to get into the bloodstream.

But . . . these "lectins" aren't happy with going through that very small hole in the wall lining . . . and rip a big hole.

And in doing this . . . it now allows non-usable materials (human waste), toxins and "bad" bacteria into the bloodstream also . . . this causing what's called "leaky gut". And this causes pretty much every ailment you have including weight issues. This is also what causes "autoimmune disorders and disease".

"Lectins" are now allowed to cause "miscommunication" within our hormones and organs . . . not to forget messing up the chemicals in the brain.

Now . . . the sugar we are still eating, the "bad" bacteria and "lectins stimulate the brain chemical called "endorphin" that signals a "pleasurable" experience . . . and with this . . . we eat more because we "like it"!

And then "endorphin" triggers the brain to release the chemical called "dopamine" which motivates us to pursue more of that sugary, fatty, pleasurable experience food. Which now becomes an addiction.

At this time . . . "lectins" also disrupt the hormone called "Leptin" which determines whether we gain or lose weight and controls our appetite and hunger . . . this is the fasting hormone. It stops us from overeating!

"Lectins" also cause the hormone called "Insulin" to become resistant, which makes our metabolism and energy become slow and we "can't" burn calories efficiently.

Sugar, "bad" bacteria and lectins also cause digestive" inflammation", which elevates the hormone "Ghrelin" and increases our appetite even when we're "not" hungry. We now can't stop eating all day long.

And as we spoke . . . this "bad" bacteria produces toxins, with the most harmful being "ethanol"

"Ethanol" like "lectins" . . . also combines with the brain chemical "dopamine" causing us to "want" and "eat" more of our "guilty" pleasure foods

"Ethanol" deprives the body of "oxygen" and lack of oxygen makes the body "acidic"

"Acidity" causes a pH imbalance and "auto-intoxication" (self poisoning)

And "Auto-intoxication" causes the "lymphatic system" to become congested. Which compromises the immune system and makes you even more acidic causing "acidosis"

"Acidosis" and its lack of oxygen causes an increase in the hormone called "cortisol", which affects our sleep, lowers "Growth" hormones, increases body "fat" and reduces muscle mass.

And decreased "Growth hormones" affect negatively our "fat regulating hormones "Leptin", "Ghrelin" and "Cortisol" (which is called the BELLY FAT PRODUCER) . . . resulting in uncontrolled overeating and weight gain

So in closing . . . we can clearly see . . . that losing weight has nothing to do with "willpower" or the diet you choose . . .

It's about "correcting" all we just spoke of.

L - de-clogging the "lymphatic system"

O - choosing the right "oxygen rich" foods

V- replenishing our "very small microorganism" with "good" bacteria (probiotics)

E - "eliminating" toxins, sugar, "bad" bacteria and "lectin" for 30 day so the body can heal.

Tomorrow we'll talk about how to fix this.

As always, feel free to contact me here

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