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Let's Talk About "ALCOHOL"!

Alrighty then . . . I know this is a topic that many of you don't want to have . . . but it's a necessary one.

Especially, with this pandemic . . . and if you want to lose weight!

Did you know that "alcohol" sales in the U.S. went up 16% this past year?

With beer still being the #1 choice of most Americans, and spending over $37 billion drinking it just last year,

And what were the runners up?

Smirnoff vodka costing - $315 million

Captain Morgan rum - $224 million

Jack Daniel's whiskey -$219 million

Bacardi rum - $180 million

And the list goes on . . .

Oh man . . . that's a lot of money spent on alcohol . . .

But . . . that's not today's topic . . . even though money is a concern in this crazy time we live in.

My concern is what it's doing to our physical and mental health.

I've spoken in many other Health tip about the depletion of our "good" bacteria. And how our "bad" bacteria takes control and causes all of our ailments . . . big or small . . . even weight issue.