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Let's talk Food!

So now that we understand and have discovered all the reasons that our body becomes unbalanced and weight becomes an issue . . .

Let's talk food.

Because I know the biggest question for you all is . . . "WHAT THE HECK CAN I EAT"???????

So remember a few days back . . . I asked you the question . . .

Are you a person that . . .

"Eats" to "Survive'?

Or a person that . . .

"Survives" to Eat"?

Well . . . if you want to lose weight . . . you need to become a person that . . .

"Eats" to "Survive"!

And what exactly does that mean??

Well . . . "eating" to "survive" is about eating the right foods and the right time of day to fuel the body to burn more calories. It's about eating 3 good meals a day. It's about keeping the body "hydrated" so we can flush out the "fat" and toxins from our "fat cells".

Losing weight is about "eating" . . . not "starving" as many diets lead us to believe.

It's about choosing foods that are "anti-inflammatory", giving the body the fuel we need to lose weight by increasing our metabolism and consuming the foods that give us all the vitamins and minerals the body and immune system need to keep us healthy on this journey.

Okay . . . so we've discovered that our "lymphatic system" needs to be flushing, our brain chemicals need to be communicating correctly, the lectins we eat need to be eliminated, and h. pylori and "bad" bacteria need to me maintained . . .

So what's the last piece to this puzzle of losing weight???

What "FOOD" can we "EAT"?????????

Well . . . let's break it down . . . when we talk about food . . . we have 4 categories . . .

Protein (animal or plant)

Fatty acids

Simple carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates

And if you break that down even further . . . The USDA food pyramid, which was created in 1992 (back when food was actually good for you without being GMO or filled with antibiotics and pesticides), divided food in to 6 food groups

Which would be . . .

PROTEIN - meat, poultry, fish, dry beans, eggs and nuts

FATTY ACIDS - fats and oils

DAIRY - milk, yogurt, cheese

GRAINS - bread, cereals, rice, pasta

FRUIT - all fruits

VEGETABLES - all vegetables

Alrighty then . . . I'm sure you're still thinking . . .


Well . . tomorrow we'll start with the wonders of "proteins" and break it down to better understand how food works in the body. Then it will be easier to make good choices.

As always, feel free to contact me here

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