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"Losing Weight" this New Year

So this past week we spoke about . . .

"Uncontrollable Cravings"

How "empty calories" foods are doing us in and causing us to "fail" with our weight loss efforts

How to "beat" some "cravings with one of my little secrets . . . "spinach extract" . . . and if you missed that link to purchase a "compliant" one . . . here it is again

We also spoke about "Veggies" that BURN "belly fat"

And another one of my little secrets to optimal health and weight lose . . . the "digestive enzyme" called "Protease" . . . and if you missed that link . . . here you go

So today . . . let's finish up talking about "THIS part" of our "weight loss" journey with some of the symptoms of "protease deficiency" . . . because as we now know . . .

"Protease deficiency" . . . may be an answer to some of our discomfort.

So let's look for symptoms like . . .

Difficulty "digesting" protein

Blood becoming "too" acidic

Difficulty producing "glucose"

Inadequate "hydration" in the body


Bone spurs



Toxic colon

Ear infection in children

Compromised immune system

And being predisposed to PMS

So get your "protease" on today

But . . . as always . . . please consult your own healthcare provider before taking any new supplement or regiment

So next week . . . I'll give you an update on "my" journey defeating the "MOLD" invasion in my body.

And then we'll continue with our discussion on how to "lose weight" and be "healthier" in this New Year.

As always, feel free to DM or contact me at:

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