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Losing Weight with "Oxygen" Rich Food

Okay . . . so today we continue with the second part of my formula to weight loss and optimal health.

And that's the letter "O" in the word LOVE

Now "O" is for "oxygen" rich foods.

Growing up . . . my mother always told us to eat our veggies and this is why . . .

Not only are oxygen rich foods nutritionally sound with tons of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals . . . but they can also correct an "iron" deficiency, which can increase the body's ability to process "oxygen" and make you feel more energetic.

And the more "oxygen" we take in . . . the more "fat" the body is able to "BURN". This is due to the metabolic process being kicked into high gear!

And on the flip side to this . . .

The "less" "oxygen" rich food we present to the body . . . the more the metabolic process "slows" down and "fat" gets storage in the body's fat cells, which leads to being overweight.

So by adding into the diet a well balanced array of mostly green vegetables . . . we are fueling the body to burn more calories to lose the extra pounds.

Now . . . if you're not really a green veggie person or you know you're not getting enough . . .

Or maybe you just want more . . .

"Chlorophyll" is the way to go.

Chlorophyll is the substance that makes plants and vegetables green.

And is known as . . . "Nature's Green Magic" . . . due to its oxygenating properties.

Chlorophyll is present in most green vegetables and its benefits are impressive. It improves general health, boosts your energy and fights against illness.

It cleans the body of harmful toxins, oxygenates the blood AND . . . helps to fight "bloating"!!!!

And best part . . . it promotes the production of red blood cells and absorbs the toxins in the intestines that we've been talking about. Whoohoo

Now, if you'd like to go the route of drinking "chlorophyll" to help increase your "oxygen" levels . . . and you need a compliant "chlorophyll" to drink . . . just click here

Tomorrow we continue with my part 3 of my formula. The letter "V".

As always, feel free to contact me here

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