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"Lyme Disease"

Since we spoke about Ticks yesterday, I felt the needed to talk about "Lyme Disease" today . . .

So we all know "Lyme Disease" is caused by the bacterium "Borrelia burgdorferi" and rarely "Borrelia mayonii". We are told . . . that Lyme disease is transmitted to humans through the bit of a blacklegged tick that is infected with a type of "bacteria" found in animals like mice and deer. And that Lyme disease is the leading tick-born disease in the United States.

To infect the host (that's us or our fur babies), a tick typically must be attached to the skin for at least 36 hours. And common symptoms of Lyme disease include a rash, fever and body aches.

If Lyme disease is not caught soon enough is can affect the heart leading to an irregular heart rhythm, which can cause dizziness or heart palpitations. It can also spread to the nervous system causing facial paralysis or meningitis.

The most common way to treat "Lyme Disease" is with Antibiotics. BUT . . . what you don't know is that Antibiotics only kill the infection caused by the tick. It doesn't kill the parasite itself.

You see . . . we're told that "Ticks" carry an infectious "bacterial" disease called "Lyme".

But . . . this is what's "really" happening . . .

"Borrelia burgdorferi" is a tick-borne compelled "Parasite" (not bacteria) whose normal victim is a variety of small mammals such as the white foot mouse. And although infection of these little animals does not lead to disease in them, once this parasite is picked up by the tick and presented to humans or other animals . . . it can result in "Lyme disease" as a consequence of the human immune system response to Borrelia burgdorferi.

Did I confuse you yet? Okay so . . .

Burgdorferi (the causing agent of Lyme disease), thrives inside a specific "parasite" with the tick being the carrier of this parasite. The tick bites the host (you, me or our fur babies) and delivers the parasite to the host. If left untreated, AND the host's "immune system" is not working properly . . . the parasite can cause an infection by traveling through the bloodstream and establishing itself in various body tissue. Now . . . Antibiotics clear up the infection but do not kill the parasite. The immune system must do that job. But if the immune system is compromised in anyway . . .. this "parasite" can stay dormant for years in the host's body causing such ailments as arthritis,

Another avenue to take to fight "Lyme disease" would be "Herbs" or "Metal nano-particles". These elements actually kill the parasites and enhance the immune system, while leaving our "good bacteria" alone so it can protect our health.

Because as we know . . . Antibiotics kill our "good bacteria"!

One other element that is used in many other cultures is "Bee Pollen". Bee venom (their spit) can help stop "Lyme disease" from spreading through the human body. The peptide "mellitin" in the body inhibits Lyme disease and prevents it from multiplying. Lyme disease is then easier to control and can be taken care of through the body's own immune system.

With that being said . . . I must go back and stress the importance of a "healthy" immune system. And unfortunately . . . we in this Western world with our Western diet are not there yet.

As always, feel free to set up a consult with me . . . contact me here

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