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"Lymph Nodes" - what do we really know?

Okay . . . so the other day I said that our "lymph nodes" were part of the body's "lymphatic system"

So today . . . we're going to explore their importance to optimal health.

Now . . . "lymph nodes" are small structural lumps of tissue that contain "white blood cells" that work as "filters" for foreign substances such as cancer cells and infections in the body.

And the human body contains between 500 - 600 "lymph nodes". With "clusters" of them being found in the underarms, groin, neck, chest and abdomen.

Now as I stated yesterday . . . they contain "immune cells" called "lymphocytes" and "killer T-cells" . . . that attack and destroy germs that are carried in though the "lymph fluid".

So simply put . . . when we have foreign substances floating in the "lymph fluid" of the "lymphatic system" . . . it's the "lymph nodes" that collect these substances to be destroyed and eliminated from the body.

And with this . . . the "lymphatic system" also helps to remove "toxins" like the "ethanol" we've spoken about.

Some of the other eliminating duties of "lymph nodes" would be . . . getting rid of carbon dioxide, "sodium" and other byproducts of cellular feeding on oxygen, minerals and nutrients.

So how do we know if they're working correctly???

Well . . . "lymph nodes" swell when an infection occurs in the area where they're located.

A good example would be with this "virus" we're dealing with today . . .

The "lymph nodes" in the neck can become swollen in response to an upper respiratory infection . . .

So how do "lymph nodes" actually "protect" the body???

Well . . . the "lymphatic system" as we now know . . . helps to defend the body against viruses, bacteria and fungi that can cause illness . . . and those germs are "filtered out" in the "lymph nodes" for elimination.

So tomorrow we'll talk about ways to clean the "lymph nodes" and keep our "lymphatic system" healthy.

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