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"Lysine" and our "Hair"

So today, let's continue our conversation about our "hair"

Now . . . yesterday we spoke about the amino acid called "taurine" and today we'll talk about another amino acid called "lysine" . . .

This one we've spoken about many times before in regards to our health.

So the question for today is this . . . why is "lysine" also important for our "hair"???

Well . . . "lysine" is present in the "hair's root" and it's responsible for the shape and volume of our hair.

And with this . . . an "L-lysine" deficiency can cause hair loss . . .

You see . . . "lysine" assists in "rebuilding" protein structures like "keratin" in our skin and hair.

So let's dig a little deeper . . .

There's a specific sex hormone called DHT that's derived from testosterone.

And when we have TOO MUCH of this hormone . . . it can affect our "hair" follicles . . . which can interfere with the "growth cycle" of our hair . . . leaving us with shrinking and shortening of the hair . . . making it easier for it to fall out and not grow.

Now . . . even though "lysine" isn't actually a DHT "blocker" . . . when combined with DHT inhibitors . . . it promotes hair growth.

So now I'm sure you're thinking . . . what's a natural DHT blocker???

Well . . . my favorite is "Spirulina".

You see . . . "spirulina" is full of antioxidants . . . which can counteract oxidative stress and keep our "hair" healthy.

And the best part is this . . . it can help keep our blood sugar levels in check . . . and "high blood sugar" can lead to the PRODUCTION of DHT

Did you get all that???

Okay . . . now "lysine" can also increase "collagen" production . . . which is essential for providing the foundation for healthy "hair" growth.

Collagen contributes to "hair" elasticity . . . which allows "hair" to be flexible and withstand daily manipulations and styling activities.

So tomorrow . . . we'll talk about one more attribute to healthy "hair".

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