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"Lysine" our saving grace!

Okay people . . . this is a "listen" up kind of day . . .

This is important information for "EVERYONE" whether you're concerned about this virus or not.

"Lysine" is an amino acid . . . as we know 1 of the most important building blocks of the body's protein. And unlike other amino acids . . . the human body "CANNOT" make "lysine".

We spoke yesterday about the body having the ability to make "its own" arginine.

But, the amino acid called "lysine" is a different story.

You see . . . "Lysine" plays an important role in "supporting" the immune system.

And with this . . . it's not only a warrior and saving grace against "VIRUSES" . . . it also aids in controlling "DIABETES".

Okay . . . so how does all this work you ask???

Well . . . the amino acid called "lysine" actually has the ability to "block" enzymes that "all" virally infected cells secrete. These enzymes cut through surrounding connective tissue (meaning collagen).

Now . . . when "lysine" blocks these enzymes . . . it "inhibits" the spread if the "virus" in the body by limiting the effect of weakening the connective tissues. Therefore . . . "lysine" has the ability to slow or even stop the growth of viruses.

So did you get that???

Okay . . . so remember yesterday we spoke about "too" much of the amino acid called "arginine" in the body is a "key" factor in the reproduction and replication of a viruses?