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"Lysine" our saving grace!

Okay people . . . this is a "listen" up kind of day . . .

This is important information for "EVERYONE" whether you're concerned about this virus or not.

"Lysine" is an amino acid . . . as we know 1 of the most important building blocks of the body's protein. And unlike other amino acids . . . the human body "CANNOT" make "lysine".

We spoke yesterday about the body having the ability to make "its own" arginine.

But, the amino acid called "lysine" is a different story.

You see . . . "Lysine" plays an important role in "supporting" the immune system.

And with this . . . it's not only a warrior and saving grace against "VIRUSES" . . . it also aids in controlling "DIABETES".

Okay . . . so how does all this work you ask???

Well . . . the amino acid called "lysine" actually has the ability to "block" enzymes that "all" virally infected cells secrete. These enzymes cut through surrounding connective tissue (meaning collagen).

Now . . . when "lysine" blocks these enzymes . . . it "inhibits" the spread if the "virus" in the body by limiting the effect of weakening the connective tissues. Therefore . . . "lysine" has the ability to slow or even stop the growth of viruses.

So did you get that???

Okay . . . so remember yesterday we spoke about "too" much of the amino acid called "arginine" in the body is a "key" factor in the reproduction and replication of a viruses?

Well . . . "lysine" has antiviral effects by "blocking" the activity of "arginine" which as we now know . . . promotes virus replication.

And as I stated above . . . the body and its immune system can find itself in trouble because the body "DOES NOT" make any "lysine".

We must get this amino acid from the food we eat.

Okay . . . to tomorrow we'll continue on how "lysine" can help with "diabetes" and what food we need to eat.

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