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"Meal Prep" . . . is important for "Pattern Eating"

So, the first question of the day is this. . . what is this "meal prep" thing all about???

Well . . . "meal prepping" is the concept of preparing whole meals or dishes ahead of schedule.

And since it requires us to determine "what" to eat ahead of time . . . "meal prepping" can lead to more "nutritious" meal choices.

"Meal planning" helps to ensure we're eating a variety of different foods . . . which can reduce the risk of chronic lifestyle diseases.

And it allows us to eat our favorite meals, while pre-determining "portion size" . . . this way we're more apt to "NOT" . . . "overindulge".

So the next question we need to ask ourselves is this . . . do you watch TV at night before you go to bed?

Well . . . that would be a perfect time to take a break for a few minutes to work on writing down your "meal plan" for the next week.

And what about an hour during the day to set aside a block of time to prep ingredients and/or cook meals for the week ahead.

I "know" you can find the time to do this . . . it's for YOUR HEALTH!

Now . . . I'm sure some of us are saying . . . I don't have time for "meal prep" . . . I'm lucky if I have time to grab something to eat and run . . .

And this is "why" we're in the situation we're in today of being overweight and unhealthy. . .

There's "nothing" more important in life than "your own" health.

Because without it . . . you have NOTHING.

It's time to "PRIORITIZE PEOPLE" . . . we're not getting any younger and it pretty much looks like we're going to have some kind of "virus" or mystery disease hanging around for a few more years.

So don't make excuses of "not" having enough time for YOU and YOUR HEALTH.

We "all" have time . . . if we just look for it.

And if you can't find it . . . "make" it

Because . . . believe it or not . . . "meal prepping" can actually make your life easier . . . once you get the hang of it.

How is that you ask???

Well . . . you'll save time during the day looking for something to eat . . . if it's already prepared.

It actually saves you money because you're not grabbing something out of the house like fast food . . . and you can better manage your "portion sizes".

"Meal-prepping" will also get you better and quicker results in your weight loss efforts.

You see . . . this helps you shop smarter, cook ahead, save time and therefore . . . helps to reach your weight-loss goals faster.

So PEOPLE . . . I can't say it enough . . .

It's time to get a better "RELATIONSHIP" with the food we eat.

Have a great weekend . . . stay safe and be "mindful".

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