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Meal size is important

So yesterday we spoke about the "value" of food . . . and what's considered "junk food" and what's not . . .

We also spoke about "EMPTY CALORIES" . . . (which we'll continue with tomorrow)

But today . . . we need to ask the question . . . what's the difference between "serving size" and "portion size" . . . and why does it matter???

Well . . . "Serving" size is the amount of food listed on a product's package's Nutrition Facts label.

Whereas . . . "Portion" size is how much food you "choose" to eat at one time.

Okay . . . so a good example would be a bag of "chips" . . .

A "serving" size is what that bag of chips states on the label . . . like 15 chips per serving . . .

But . . . eating directly out of that bag of chips . . . will most likely turn into eating more than the "serving" size . . . and now "that" becomes a "portion" size because you just ate more than 15 chips per serving.

And with this . . . it almost always leads to overeating.

Okay . . . so did you know that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration updated the "serving size" on labels to "reflect" the amount people "typically" eat and drink today???

Another good example would be with soda . . . the "serving" size has been changed from 8 ounces to 12 ounces to accommodate the fact that "we" as the consumers. . . drink more soda today than we did when the FDA originally set up the "serving" size guidelines.

Or what about ice cream???

A small pint of ice cream used to say . . . 4 servings equaling 200 calories per serving

But . . . now that same pint of ice creams says . . . 3 servings equaling 270 calories per serving

How can this be right or better for us???

This now in the mind of the consumer . . . gives us "permission" to consume MORE CALORIES because the FDA changed the "serving" size.

This is NOT better for us PEOPLE . . . it's just promoting OVEREATING and OBESITY!

So are "serving" sizes MISLEADING????


You see . . . the "serving" size listed on the Nutrition Facts label . . . are NOT really the "serving" size we should be consuming for optimal health.

And unfortunately . . . these new laws and guidelines set up by the FDA state . . . "serving" size MUST be based on how much food people "actually" consume and not on what they should "really" consume for optimal health and weight loss.

Okay . . . so I want to know . . . who the heck made up this "stupid" rule . . .

Are they just trying to keep us "fat" and unhealthy on purpose???

And this is why we as consumers are confused and overweight.

So really . . . let's think about this . . .

The FDA just upped the "portion" size in a "serving" size because they told us it's okay to eat more.

And in a few years because we're eating more now . . . they'll up the "portion" size in a "serving" size again . . . even more . . .

What are they trying to do to us???

So let's be smart people and take back our control of "portion" and "serving" size.

And tomorrow, we'll talk about what these "serving" sizes are doing to our "EMPTY CALORIE" intake.

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