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"Mindfulness" and "Focus"

So today . . . let's talk about how "focus" affects being "mindful"

Now . . . a "mindful" moment is when you "focus" on your breathing . . . not because there's something wrong . . . but rather . . . because it's a constant physical sensation . . . that's "always" there.

And whether we know it or not . . . our breathing is our "comfort zone"

This is stability, security . . . relatable and familiar. This is the center . . . of who you are.

And with this . . . it becomes an "anchor" in the "present" moment.

Now . . . I can tell you from experience . . . it is very hard to stay in that moment and "NOT" let other thoughts, emotions or sounds distract us . . .

But . . . the "true art" of this practice . . . "isn't" about "ignoring" life to "stay" in the moment . . .

It's about being able to" pull" yourself back into that "tranquil" moment of "focusing" on "your" awareness.

It's like when I tell you to be "mindful" about something we're talking about. This means to "stay" in the "present" moment of that conversation and "focus" on what I'm telling you.

This is teaching the body and mind to "listen" . . . to better "understand" the moment and the surroundings that you're in.

You see . . . a "mindful" moment can happen anywhere that you feel overwhelmed and need "focus".

It could be when you have a stressful moment at work, the kids are driving you crazy, your partner is arguing with you about something or you just feel overwhelmed with what's happening in the world today . . .

This is when you need to take a "mindful" moment.

And how do we accomplish that mission???

Well . . . find someplace to sit down on something comfortable . . . make sure your feet are resting on the floor.

Then straighten your upper body to take a deep breath . . . but don't be stiff.

Let your body be in the moment of taking that deep breath. And then exhale keeping the body straight.

Now . . . keep your arms by your sides, but again not stiff . . . and place your palms on your legs wherever it feels comfortable.

Close your eyes and drop your chin . . . every so slightly . . . to relax the neck . . .

Now . . . "FEEL YOUR BREATH" . . .

Think about the "coolness" you feel when you "inhale" . . . and the warmth when you "exhale". Focus on the physical sensation of your breathing . . . think about your chest expanding and contracting . . . or your stomach feeling tight and then loose.

Now . . . if your mind begins to wander or you hear something that pulls you away from focusing on your breathing . . . it's okay

You haven't failed in that "mindful" moment . . . just "pull" yourself back to feeling your breath and continue on.

Remember . . . the "art" of this practice is being able to "pull yourself" back into the "tranquil" moment . . . it's "not" about being able to "block" out the world. Okay . . . so when you have truly felt that moment in time . . . and your "breathing" and body are now "calm" . . .

Keep your eyes close for just another second longer . . . and listen to the sounds around you in your "4" foot space . . . notice how your body feels at that moment in time . . .

Now open you eyes and continue with life with a calmer prospective.

So how long does this practice take you ask???

Well . . . it takes as long as you need to become "one with that moment" . . . and be in the "present".

This could be a few seconds or a few minutes . . . whatever it takes to feel your heart rate relax and a "peaceful" reacti0n take place.

Now . . . "mindful" thinking isn't "just" about the mind, feelings and/or attitude . . .

It's also about correcting the body's "internal dialogue" . . .

And tomorrow, we'll continue to talk about how "mindfulness" can affect the immune system, inflammation and the "vagus" nerve.

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