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"Mindfulness" and our "Immune System"

So today . . . let's continue to talk about how "mindfulness" can affect the body and our "immune system"

Now . . . there are 2 levels to being "mindful" . . .

One being the "awareness" of what's happening in our body and "cells" . . .

And the other being the "awareness" of what's happening in our "4" foot personal space . . . this being your personal surroundings.

And when a person pays more attention to what's happening done the street, at a neighbor's house or in the media with today crazy news . . .

This now becomes a "mind-full" person.

But when a person can pay more attention to what's happening "within" their own body and personal space . . .

They become a "mindful" person that is in "tune" with their health, emotions and spirit . . . and then . . . can better "cope" with life.

And with this . . . "mindfulness" can relax our muscles so we experience less pain. It can also aid the brain in releasing a chemical called "endorphin" that acts like a natural "painkiller" to the body . . . that can now . . . help to ease the pain of "fibromyalgia", migraines and IBS,

Being "mindful" . . . can also help with self-control, objectivity, affect tolerance and improve concentration and mental clarity

It can even help our "immune system" . . .

How you ask???

Well . . . it can "increase" activity in the immune cells called "telomerase", which are an enzyme that's responsible for "preventing" immune cell "death".

And "mindfulness" . . . has a significant effect on the body's "white blood cells" (leukocytes and lymphocytes) . . . and these cells are the ones that help to fight off "viruses", fungi and "bacteria" due to these cells containing our killer T-cells.

"Mindfulness" also reduces markers of "inflammation" . . .

And it's been shown to thicken the "pre-frontal cortex" . . . which is where the "brain center" manages functions like "increasing" awareness, concentration and decision making.

So tomorrow . . . let's continue with understanding how the body and mind work as one.

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