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More ways to "clean" the "lymphatic system"

So today, let's continue the topic of the "lymphatic system" and how to "clean" it.

Now . . . let's discover the "mechanics" of the "lymphatic system" and what its job is . . .

Okay . . . so the "lymphatic system" . . . "absorbs" lipids, which are fatty substances and fat-soluble vitamins like A, D and E from the digestive tract . . . it then sends these elements into the bloodstream where they hook up with our cells. This is the "transportation" part of this system.

Next . . . we have the "detoxifying" part. This is where "lymph" cleans microbes and other toxic substances from the body.

And finally the "return" part . . . and with this . . . the "lymphatic system" returns excess protein molecules and fluid back to circulation.

Now yesterday . . . we spoke about using a mini-trampoline to "complete" this cycle of "lymph" . . . from and back to . . . our fingers and toes.

Well today . . . let's explore some different "herbs" and "food" that can help with this process . . .

First up . . . "Astragalus root" . . . this herb is used for mucus elimination and a diuretic to flush out "lymph buildup" through the kidneys. It can help with diarrhea and upper respiratory infections which both are the result of "lymph buildup" and a "draining" problems.

Next . . . one of my personal favorites . . . "Echinacea" . . . now this plant had been used for over 400 years by Native Nation people and is a general "cure-all". It has "antiseptic" properties that aid the "lymphatic system" by destroying pathogenic or putrefactive bacteria. And it has the ability to improve "lymph glands" and relieve "lymph swelling".

"Turmeric" . . . improves circulation and aids in the "cleansing of toxins" from the body. It reduces "inflammation" and thins the blood . . . and because it contains powerful antioxidants and "enzymes" . . . it can cleanse the "lymphatic system".