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More ways to "clean" the "lymphatic system"

So today, let's continue the topic of the "lymphatic system" and how to "clean" it.

Now . . . let's discover the "mechanics" of the "lymphatic system" and what its job is . . .

Okay . . . so the "lymphatic system" . . . "absorbs" lipids, which are fatty substances and fat-soluble vitamins like A, D and E from the digestive tract . . . it then sends these elements into the bloodstream where they hook up with our cells. This is the "transportation" part of this system.

Next . . . we have the "detoxifying" part. This is where "lymph" cleans microbes and other toxic substances from the body.

And finally the "return" part . . . and with this . . . the "lymphatic system" returns excess protein molecules and fluid back to circulation.

Now yesterday . . . we spoke about using a mini-trampoline to "complete" this cycle of "lymph" . . . from and back to . . . our fingers and toes.

Well today . . . let's explore some different "herbs" and "food" that can help with this process . . .

First up . . . "Astragalus root" . . . this herb is used for mucus elimination and a diuretic to flush out "lymph buildup" through the kidneys. It can help with diarrhea and upper respiratory infections which both are the result of "lymph buildup" and a "draining" problems.

Next . . . one of my personal favorites . . . "Echinacea" . . . now this plant had been used for over 400 years by Native Nation people and is a general "cure-all". It has "antiseptic" properties that aid the "lymphatic system" by destroying pathogenic or putrefactive bacteria. And it has the ability to improve "lymph glands" and relieve "lymph swelling".

"Turmeric" . . . improves circulation and aids in the "cleansing of toxins" from the body. It reduces "inflammation" and thins the blood . . . and because it contains powerful antioxidants and "enzymes" . . . it can cleanse the "lymphatic system".

"Ginger root" . . . provides a natural "scrub" to the intestinal tract, while being a natural boost and "cleanse" to the "lymphatic system".

Another one of my favorites is . . . "Garlic" . . . it boosts immune function and combats harmful microbes. It improves circulation and aids in the "cleansing of toxins" from the body. It boosts the function of the "lymphatic system" and has an antibacterial quality to it.

Next . . . "Burdock root" . . . has "antioxidant" and "antibacterial" properties that can "detox lymph" and has the ability to flush out toxins from the body

Another favorite . . . "Slippery Elm Bark" . . . because it can help "lymph" detox the body. And if the body is experiencing sinusitis or lung congestion . . . this little herbs can help.

And finally . . . "Green tea" . . . it has a chemical called "EGCG" that has the ability to "shrink" lymph nodes and reduce white blood cell counts in patients with CLL.

BUT . . . as always, please consult your own healthcare provider before taking any new "herbs" or "spices"

And tomorrow . . . we'll finish this topic with the food we can eat to help our "lymphatic system"

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Do you recommend any of these herbs for me for my lymphoma? I have heard of Burdock root before, can you recommend a brand? Or if you think another of these herbs would be better. I have some echinacea left as well but stopped taking it. Thanks😊

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