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"Mung bean" and its "Partner"

So the question for today is this . . . How do we turn "off" the "inflammation switch" that we spoke of yesterday???

Well . . . that would be with a combination of the natural components of "mung bean" and "green tea extract". Together, they have the ability to reduce the total body exposure to the destruction of too much "inflammation".

You see . . . the combination of these 2 natural elements when presented to the body's cells together, helps to "regulate" the way our genes are expressed . . . acting kind of like a "general manager" of our cellular process.

Okay . . . so let's think about this . . . let's use this virus as an example . . .

Once a virus enters the body . . . it binds to receptor molecules on immune system cells, acting as a "danger signal" that triggers these cells to release cytokines. And as we now know . . . that's the "inflammation". These cytokines are chemical signaling molecules that call into action even more white blood cells to attack the virus. Remember these cytokines are our "anti-inflammatory cytokines.

That's how this system of defense is supposed to work . . .

But when the body already has too many "proinflammatory" cytokine in it from the food we eat . . . even more cytokines (inflammation) are released and now . . . the body is in a deadly frenzy of activity . . . this can become a "cytokine storm".

This is when . . . the body's defense system is at its weakest and the potential for illness or even death are knocking at our door.

The combination of mung bean and green tea extract have powerful "anti-inflammatory" properties that can actually slow and reverse this overabundant amount of inflammation and its process.

Meaning . . . the immune system will come out of a "cytokine attack" that can harm the body . . . and go back into an "anti-inflammatory" state that can help the body kill and "HEAL" like it's supposed to.