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My Mission - Being The Best "Me", I Can Be

Miracle Meadows has the answers!

As we all know . . . the older that we become, the more susceptible we are to illness and disease. We find ourselves with a wrinkle or a few gray hairs that just appeared one day, a few more pounds we've been trying to keep at bay, or a diagnosis of diabetes, heart disease or even cancer that have now come into play. We find ourselves with IBS, colitis or Crohn's disease and we're now afraid to leave the house. Or maybe panic attacks, anxiety and depression are why you're quiet as a mouse. But no matter what our ailment is . . . most people still have not a clue . . . as to how today we've become this suffering you.

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer 10 years ago, conquering this illness naturally and now being the young age of 62, I have found a way to reverse the hands of time. My theory to optimal health isn't about Biotechnology or Science . . . it's about the mechanics, the mechanics of the human body, going back to basics and correcting the body's "Internal Dialogue" so the body has the ability to heal itself naturally . . . as it was designed to do!

In all my research to find a way to accomplish this mission . . . one of the elements to optimal health and stopping or reversing the hands of time is something called, "Amino Acids". Now amino acids are a simple organic compound that are the building blocks of all proteins. And as we all know, protein plays a crucial role in optimal health.

If this is confusing to you . . . let's break it down. When we eat a protein, it's broken down into amino acids, which are then used to help the body with various processes such as building muscle, giving cells their structure and regulating the immune system. So you can clearly see . . . they are very important to our survival and health.

Now "non-essential amino acids" are the amino acids the body "CAN" make itself. But the "essential amino acids" are the amino acids that the body "CANNOT" make itself. Therefore, they must come from the food we eat such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains, just to mention a few. BUT . . . what if the food we consume is GMO food or have preservative and synthetic chemicals in them?

Simply said . . . if we do not get the "essential amino acids" we need for optimal health . . . illness, disease, weight issues and aging will now occur!

Hopefully our body is making the "non-essential amino acids" it needs to maintain structure, but what will help the lack of "essential amino acids" that we're missing from the food we eat?

As we know . . . when age creeps up on us . . . we find our hair gets thin, our muscles start to disappear and our skin begins to sag. When I started supplying my body with these "Essential Amino Acids" that I was lacking . . . Something started to change. My hair started to grow back in, my muscle tone came back and my skin became firmer and had a glow of youthfulness. Wrinkles started to disappear and my grey hair has become less and less.

So how did I accomplish this mission of youthfulness at the age of 62?

My theory to optimal health, which included "Free Amino Acids".

If you'd like more information about my theory to optimal health, click here.

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