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"My Mission - Being The Best "ME", I Can BE"!

Today we're going to talk about "aging" gracefully. As we all know . . . the older we become, life changes and we find ourselves with a wrinkle that just appeared one day, a few more pounds we just can't keep at bay, or a diagnosis of a disease that has now come into play. We find ourselves with IBS and we're now afraid to leave the house. Or maybe panic attacks, anxiety or depression are why we're quiet as a mouse. But no matter what our ailment is . . . most people still have not a clue . . . as to how today we've become this suffering you.

In all my years of research and now at the young age of 63, I believe I have found a way to accomplish the mission of reversing the hands of time. One of the crucial elements to optimal heath is something called, "Amino Acids" Now amino acids are a simple organic compound that are the building blocks of all proteins. And as we all know, protein plays an important role in optimal health.

So let's break it down . . .

When we eat a protein like meat, fish, poultry or nuts, it's broken down into amino acids, which are then used to help the body with various processes such as building muscle, giving cells their structure and regulating the "immune system". So you can clearly see . . . Amino Acids are very important to our survival and health because this protein is needed for the repair, growth and maintenance of our cells.

Now . . . there are two kinds of amino acids . . . "non-essential amino acids" which the body "CAN" make itself. And "essential amino acids" which the body "CANNOT" make itself. Therefore, they must come from the food we eat such as meat, fish, poultry, eggs, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Simple so far . . . Right?

Okay . . . But . . what if the food we consume is GMO food or has preservatives and synthetic chemicals in them? We must then find a supplement that will make up for the lack of essential amino acids the body needs to stay healthy.

So simply said . . . if we don't get the "essential amino acids" we need for optimal health . . . illness, disease, weight issues and "aging" will surely occur!

Okay . . . confused yet? Well, I'll break it down some more.

Your body needs 20 different Amino Acids to grow and function properly. Though all 20 of these are important for your health, only 8 Amino Acids are classified as essential. The other 12 are the non-essential ones.

But all these little guys are what gives us our youthful