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My personal "meal plan"

Okay . . . so even after all the information I've given you over that past month . . . I'm still hearing people say (and it's okay) they're 'confused" as to what they should "actually" eat to lose weight.

Well, to be honest with you . . . I've just started a weight loss journey myself . . .

So tag along with me and maybe this will help.

You see . . . being in bed or a wheelchair for 30 days with a broken leg . . . then 30 days with a walking cast and walker and now another 30 days in a brace and cane . . . it hasn't been very promising for my girlish figure. :)

I've actually put on an extra 7 pounds and to make matters worse . . . not moving much has also depleted many of my muscles.

So you can only imagine . . . I'm a little bit of a mess at this moment!

But . . . this is all doable!

I totally get that the topic of weight loss is confusing unless you know what you're doing.

And I do get . . . anything in life is easier if someone gives you a plan . . .

And even more than that . . . "dieting" helps if you're not doing it alone and have a good support team!

So I'm here to help . . . let's do this together!

Now . . . as I stated several Health Tips back . . .

I'm normally a person that "eats" to "survive"

BUT . . . in this stressful, boring, painful time . . . I found myself not being that person I know and love . . . I had become a person that "survives" to "eat".

I actually found myself thinking about what junk food I could eat instead of thinking about planning a healthy meal . . .

And yes . . . as you can clearly see . . . I'm human like the rest of us.


But . . . we must keep our focus on the prize. And that's a strong, healthy, youthful body.

So . . . I'm now moving more, getting my "lymphatic system" flowing again and eating compliant foods.

And if you'd like to join me on my journey to a fit and trim body . . .

I'm going to share with you my daily food plan and show you that you can lose weight, eat a lot of food and accomplish your mission . . . all without being on a "diet".

It's about correcting the body "internal dialogue" . . . removing the foods that are causing our weight loss hormones to act poorly . . . and replenishing the amino acids, enzymes and cultures the body is lacking to "correct" those hormones . . .

And with this . . . we can start burning calories and lose some weight.

So who wants to join me on my journey? Let's get a support team going!

So tomorrow I'll give you an example of what I ate my first day of regaining my focus.

As always, feel free to contact me here

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