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"National Almond Day"

So did you know that today is "National Almond Day"???

And do you know why "almonds" are celebrated???

Well . . . historians say that "almonds" were one of the earliest cultivated foods by mankind and are mentioned as far back in history as the Bible.

Now . . . yesterday we spoke of the health benefits of "love making and orgasms" . . .

Well . . . did you know . . . that a daily intake of "almonds" can actually improve sexual functions such as "boosting desire" and "orgasm quality"???

Well . . . they can . . .

But, let's clarify first . . . I'm talking about "RAW" almonds . . . not roasted or flavored!

Okay . . . so what other health benefits are there from eating "almonds"???

Well . . . "almonds" are very "nutrient rich" . . . and supply the body with fiber, protein and heart healthy fats, which can all give us more energy.

"Almonds" are also full of "antioxidants" which can protect the body from infections and cancers.

They're high in vitamin E content, which can protect our cell membranes from becoming damaged. And long-term eating (everyday) can lower the risk of many diseases including Alzheimer's disease.

Now . . . as we know . . . regulating our "blood sugar" can be very challenging at times . . . and "almonds" have the ability help keep your "blood" healthy. This makes it an excellent food choice for "diabetics".

And "almonds" . . . due to their "magnesium" . . . can also help you "poop" on a regular basis. They can regulate blood pressure and are one of the best