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New arrivals!

So this weekend . . . I birthed some babies.

We've had "many" babies born on the farm "NATURALLY" . . .

But . . . this time . . . I purchased an incubator and tried my hand at "hatching" come eggs "myself".

It took 21 days of tender loving care to make sure the moisture and temperature were exactly right to incubate those little babies.

And what an experience . . .

Now . . . "not" all eggs are fertile eggs . . . and not all fertile eggs are "healthy" fertile eggs

So out of the 9 eggs I incubated . . . I only hatched 4 chickens.

And next week . . . I'll try the process again with 16 eggs this time.

So I'll keep you posted.

Hope you're having an awesome weekend!

See you tomorrow, love ya all

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