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"Nutrient Timing" equals "Weight Loss"

So I'm sure you're thinking . . . what exactly is this "Nutrient Timing" you speak of???

Well . . . we spoke of "micronutrients" the other day being a major group of nutrients that the body needs for optimal health and to "lose weight".

These "nutrients" include vitamins necessary for energy production, immune function and blood clotting. They also include minerals that play an important role in growth, bone health and fluid balance.

And "nutrient timing" also known as "nutrient partitioning" or "meal timing" involves eating food at specific times of the day and in a specific order to achieve a certain outcome like "losing weight".

Simply said . . . "timed-nutrition" is eating the right foods (especially proteins and carbs) at the right time of the day to help fuel the body to lose weight efficiently and naturally.

This is where we "all" get it wrong . . . . and one of the major reasons it's so hard to lose weight and stick to a diet!

You see . . . the order in which different categories of food are consumed . . . has a significant impact on the body's glucose and insulin levels "after" a meal. And this process can affect diabetics and overweight people significantly.

You see . . . "Timing" is "everything" . . . when it comes to dieting and being successful in losing weight!

And simple things like when you eat your protein in a meal can make a world of difference on your success rate of controlling glucose and insulin levels . . .

For example . . . did you know that eating protein "before" you eat carbohydrates . . . lowers your glucose levels after a meal???

It does . . . and this is good news for people with diabetes.