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"Oil" and "Water" . . . don't mix.

Okay . . . so we all know from science class, that "oil" and "water" don't mix . . . But did you know that the "fat" we eat and the "water" we drink, don't mix either???

Why you ask???

Well . . . when we consume water after or during eating fatty foods . . . the water can solidify the fat. This can lead to deposits of fat in the food pipe resulting in irritation in the esophagus. Meaning . . . fat deposits can stick to the walls of the esophagus.

And when this happens . . . overtime these deposits can build-up causing obstructions of the esophagus and may even cause difficulty swallowing and choking on food. And if left untreated for long enough . . . it can cause esophageal cancer.

So how do we fix this problem of "fat" turning into fat deposits in our throat and esophagus???

Well . . . instead of drinking "cold" water which is what solidifies the fat . . . drinking lukewarm or warm water to melt any fat it comes in contact with . . . will dissolve any fat deposits making sure all the fat enters the stomach.

Yet, just another easy little tip to help you get the most out of your food and maintain a healthy body.

And how does "warm" water help with "weight loss"???

Well . . . drinking a glass of warm water before a meal increases the body's "metabolism" by about 30%. And raising the water temperature to body temperature (98.6) . . . can increase the body's metabolism about 40% in "calorie burning" production.

So try drinking a glass of "warm" water before your meals. And remember . . . nothing to drink with your meal or after your meal for the best results in your weight loss efforts.

Tomorrow we'll talk about one of the biggest problems as to why it's so hard to lose weight.

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