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Okay . . . so I'm on Fire today about Fixing our "Immunity"!

I'm a little agitated today because I just read an article that stated: that a very large number of people that contracted and/or died from this Virus . . . had a low level of T-cells which affected their "immunity".

OF COURSE IT DID . . . if your T-cells are low . . . your immunity isn't working . . . and yes! you're going to get this Virus, Cancer or some other disease!!!!!

This is nothing new!!!! This is the basic fundamentals of the mechanics of the human body! And it upsets me that they are trying to make this sound like they found some NEW discovery!

Instead of farting around these past few months trying to find someone to blame and/or a vaccine to inject us with this same virus so we can try to build an "Immunity" . . .

They should have been educating the public . . . you and I . . . on "how to fix our "immune system" to build our immunity so we don't contract this virus"!!!!!

And by the way . . . a vaccine only works if the immune system is capable of copying the virus' code. But that's another topic for another day!

Okay . . . so if they won't educate us, then I will. And this is why I have been posting a Health Awareness Tip everyday to empower you with information to fix your immune system and strengthen your "immunity"!

Okay . . . so listen up people . . .

Our "white blood cells" are the key players in our "immune system".

With T-cells, B-cells and Natural Killer cells or NK cells being at the front line of our defense.

Now T-cells are known as the "search and destroy" cells because they search out and destroy infected cells that have been turned into "virus-making factories". They also stimulate B-cells to make our Antibodies

B-cells make these "antibodies" and their role is to "prevent" virus infection and "reinfection".

And the NK cells "contain the virus" so the T-cells and B-cells can do their job.

It's really very simple if you break it down!

So we need to take control of this situation now and correct our "internal dialogue" which is our immune system and our immunity.

There are simple ways to boost our "immunity" like adding into our diet specific "amino acids" that the body is lacking . . . that will actually increase B-cell antibody production and promote the function of T-cells.

So you all need to jump on this bandwagon with me . . . and fix your "immune systems" . .

Because call me selfish . . . but I personally don't want to be back in quarantine come this fall.

So let's rally together . . . talk to everyone you know . . . and let's put our "immunity" back in the mode of being the best defense system we can have against this virus and any other illnesses.

As always, feel free to contact me here

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