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One more tip to how to lose weight!

Today we're going to talk about another one of my favorite ways to take back the control of weight issues.

So can you guess what this pictures has to do with correcting our "internal dialogue" to lose weight?

Well . . . there's a specific type of "algae" that grows in freshwater environments like lakes, river and ponds that is very beneficial to our overall health and weight efforts.

This algae enhances our immune system and contains plenty of gut-supporting nutrition. It actually produces beneficial bacteria when it undergoes fermentation and helps in digestion. It's a powerful "antioxidant", "anti-inflammatory", "anti-viral", it can lower bad "LDL" and triglyceride levels, protect bad "LDL" cholesterol from oxidation, may have anti-cancer properties, reduces blood pressure and blood sugar levels, improve symptoms of allergies, has anti-estrogenic effects due to its high bio-availability of vitamin E, which fights the inflammatory effects that estrogen posses.

It balances our hormones and is especially great for us ladies because it supports the liver to detoxify excess estrogen. It also helps reduce 'imbalance" symptoms such as "mood swings" and "acne", all while supporting our energy production.

Alrighty then . . . that sounds like a winner to me!!!!! We all need a little relief from mood swings!

Plus . . . if you do a little aerobic exercise along with this algae, it can help regulate our "Cortisol" hormone. This is especially helpful for people with type II diabetes because it can reduce stress and improve the health of an overweight person. Remember in several previous Health tips we spoke about how the Cortisol hormone is our "Stress" hormone and our "BELLY FAT PRODUCER"! And as an added bonus controlling Cortisol levels can also help reduce our insomnia, anxiety and depression.

So how does this "algae" affect our weight loss process?

Well . . . it can improve your body mass index. It can modulate body weight and appetite and partly modify serum lipids, which will help control and prevent obesity and obesity-related disorders.

It reduces fatigue while increasing the fat burning process and promotes weight loss. It improves muscle mass and increases muscle strength. It lowers "fasting blood glucose" levels, And if you've been following my Health Tips, you know how important "magnesium" is to the body and this algae is packed with magnesium, potassium and manganese, which as we all know, aids in weight loss.

This algae can help boost the metabolism which increases the number of calories that we burn per day, therefore, aiding in weight loss. It also contains an amino acid which has been linked to suppressing appetite.

So . . . as you can clearly see if you've been keeping up with my past 70 Health Awareness Tips . . . "everything in health is relatable"!

Weight loss is not about cutting calories or fad diets . . . it's about going back to basics and correcting the body's "Internal Dialogue". If you're lacking essential amino acid, mineral, enzymes and culture from the body due to our Western diet and lifestyle . . . then all the fad diets and cutting calories in the world will not accomplish your mission of a health, fit and trim body!

There's so much more to learn about the body and weight loss. So tomorrow we'll talk about Diabetes.

If you'd like more information and your own personal protocol, feel free to set up a consultation by DM or contact me

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