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"Osteoporosis" and "GMO" foods

Okay . . . so today let's continue with the "connection" between GMO foods and their "acidity" . . . bone density and osteoporosis.

So yesterday . . . we spoke about when the body becomes "too" ACIDIC from GMO foods . . . it "pulls" CALCIUM from the body.

You see . . . we need this "calcium" to maintain strong bones . . . and over time "inadequate" calcium levels can cause "osteoporosis".

So what happens to "calcium" in our "bones" and "body" when the body it "too" acidic???

Well . . . "calcium" is "MOVED" from our bones into the "blood" . . . this leading to "excess" calcium being "excreted" in our "urine".

This happens in the effort to "stabilize" systemic calcium concentrations.

So ways to "STOP" calcium from being "stolen" from our bones and teeth would be to "ALZALIZE" the body.

And we do this by eating foods like . . .

Green leafy veggie like kale


Red cabbage




Green beans

Citrus fruit


LEAN meat


And drinking a lot of water

We would also have to "STOP" consuming . . .



Fatty meats

And processed foods

And . . . we would need to maintain the "ratio" of "alkalinity" to "acidity" at . . . 80:20

Meaning . . . the amount of "alkaline" foods we would consume being about 80 percent of our total caloric intake for the day.

So tomorrow let's continue

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