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Other "Oil Pulling" Benefits

So today . . . let's continue to talk about "other" benefits of "oil pulling"

Now . . . yesterday we discovered that "oil pulling" activates "salivary enzymes" which have the ability to absorb toxins like chemicals, bacteria or even environmental toxins from the body's "lymph fluid" and "blood".

It can also remove bacteria from the mouth and teeth promoting oral hygiene. It can treat tooth decay, kills bad breath, heals bleeding gums, prevents cavities and can aid in preventing heart disease.

You see . . . this ancient act of "oil pulling" can detoxifies and purifies the entire body.

Now . . . I should mention . . . we can use other oils like olive oil, avocado, sesame, sunflower and palm . . . but . . . medicinally . . . coconut oil is the best.

And oils to absolutely "AVOID" would be . . .

"Canola oil and "Vegetable oil" due to containing a variety of processed additives and "inflammatory" properties.

Okay . . . so what else does this simple act of cleansing do???

Well . . . "oil pulling" can also improve our "complexion" and give us a slimmer face.

How you ask???

Well . . . when swishing the oil in the mouth . . . this action actually tightens those facial muscles and gives you a glow from the improved circulation in that area. And while we're talking about skin . . . when we "oil pull" in the morning . . . this removes the toxins we have accumulated over night. And with this . . . we have the ability to pull toxins out of our skin also . . . alleviating condition such as "eczema" and "psoriasis".

Now . . . "oil pulling" also help our sinuses . . .

You see . . . this simple act . . . reduces "inflammation" in the body . . . therefore . . . reducing headaches, migraines, sinus issues, arthritis and any "inflammation" related suffering.

So try some "oil pulling" tomorrow morning and enjoy the benefits

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