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Part 2 - The connection between "Inflammation" and "Weight Issues"

So yesterday we spoke about how "inflammation" is one of the key players in "weight issues" and that there's a blue-green algae that has powerful anti-inflammatory affects on the body and weight. We also spoke about where there's chronic inflammation . . . there's Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD).

Today we're going to finish our conversation with one more element that helps to reduce "inflammation", lose the pounds. and help heal IBD.

Okay . . . so we all know about "Probiotic" . . . but have you heard of "Prebiotics"? Well . . . "prebiotic" are the food that feeds "probiotic". And "Prebiotics" can have major health benifits such as reducing inflammation, which can reduce IBD such as inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease, just to mention a few.

Well . . . there's one natural plant root "Prebiotic" fiber in particular that does not get digested or absorbed in the stomach . . . this "prebiotic is heat resistant and goes directly to the intestine to do their job. Remember from a previous Health Tip that stomach acid and its heat will burn up most "probiotics" taken so they never get to the intestines to do their job?

These "prebiotics" go right to the intestines where the "good" bacteria and "probiotic" are able to use them as food to grow to protect our health. They support the growth of a special kind of "good" bacteria that are associated with improving bowel function and general health.

This "prebiotic fiber" also has the ability to decreases the body's ability to make "visceral fat". This is important because "visceral" fat is the body's interior fat (the fat that get into our organs and mid-section) and is the most dangerous and damaging to our health. This "prebiotic" also helps manage diabetes and slows overall digestion which enables the body to better absorb nutrients from the food you eat.

So if you're interested in this "prebiotic" . . . the "probiotic" supplement we spoke about in a previous Health Tip also contains this "prebiotic fiber". So if you'd like more information click here

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