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Part 3 - Fixing the body so it can lose weight!

Okay . . . so we've spoken about how hormones affect our weight, how inflammation and cytokines can affect us negatively and how leaky gut causes an array of devastating factors in our health. So the question still remains . . . how do we fix this mess so we can lose weight?

First . . . we need to make sure we are consuming enough "magnesium" as we spoke of in a previous Health Tip.

Next . . . we need to reduce and control the inflammation and inflammatory cytokines. And to do this . . . my personal favorite is . . . the spice "Ginger". It's an "anti-inflammatory", antioxidant, and improves the production of stomach acid, bile and pancreatic enzymes. It helps the gut move food through the intestine so it doesn't sit and ferment, bloat and cause pain. and it reduces the risk of diabetes.

Ginger reduces hunger, allows you to stay fuller longer and suppresses your appetite which can all lead to weight loss. It has a significant effect on body weight and belly fat and encourages certain biological activities in the body. And it helps lower weight by increasing metabolism and fat burning properties.

This spice has also been shown to lower "bad" cholesterol levels - a waxy substance found in blood that is a marker of heart disease and is associated with "visceral" fat. Remember we spoke of the dangers of having too much of this fat in the body the other day.

Next up . . . we need to heal the gut from "leaky gut". To do this we need to stop consuming foods that contain the toxic proteins we spoke of the other day, eat compliant carbohydrates and add back into the body the specific probiotics we spoke of that are heat resistant to our stomach acids and spore-forming.

And finally, to help heal the wall lining of the intestine from the damage those toxic proteins caused . . . there's a specific amino acid that does this job. The intestinal lining actually uses this amino acid as a fuel to create a strong surface for digestion and absorption. This amino acid is the most effective treatment to heal the gut lining for those suffering from leaky gut, malabsorption or inflammatory bowel disease.

Tomorrow we'll talk about another one of my favorite ways to get the body functioning properly.

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