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Part 6 - How do we lose weight?

Okay . . . so does anyone know what this picture is? Well . . . yesterday we spoke about "leaky gut" and how toxins find a way into our bloodstream, which causes an abundance of "inflammation" and Boom . . . we now have weight and health issues.

Well . . . this picture is the wall lining of your small intestine. Kind of like the gate keeper that has the job of 'only" allowing good nutrients into the bloodstream. As you can see, there are little fibers between each cell of the wall. The short little red arrows are showing how nutrients find this little passage way through a little hole in the lining to move through the wall into the bloodstream to give us energy.

However . . . the big long red arrow shows how this toxic protein we spoke of yesterday goes through the came tiny hole in the wall lining . . . BUT, instead of being delicate like the nutrient . . . it rips a big hole in the wall lining, tearing the tiny fibers, which allows toxins, food particles, bacteria and even human waste to enter into the bloodstream.

Now . . . we much remember this . . . these proteins that we're going to talk about next are not really the enemy "IF" . . . our "immune system" is working correctly! In fact, the food that contains these proteins are actually really good for us and supply us with many nutrients that the body needs for optimal health and weight.

BUT . . . if our immune system is compromised due to our Western diet, environmental toxins, stress, social behavior and the medications we take . . . we simply "can not" eliminate the toxic part of this food.

And this is one of the biggest confusions about different diets. And why dieting is such a double edged sword . . . Because we don't have the right information and don't know what to eat.

So tomorrow, we'll talk about this tiny little protein that causes all this damage to the body and our weight.

As always, feel free to contact me here.

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