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Part 7 - How do we lose weight?

So yesterday we spoke about what happens to the lining of the small intestine when specific protein devastate its integrity. And its connection with inflammation and weight issues.

Today we're going to discuss this little "protein monster" called "Lectins".

Lectins are small proteins found on the skin and seeds of almost all plant life. These lectins protect the plant, vegetable or fruit from fungus, insects, birds, animals and sometimes even humans. It's natures way of sustaining life for the plant. So lectin's aren't a bad thing, they're just the plant's defense mechanism to survival.

So if our "immune system" is functioning properly, we also have a "defense" mechanism that will eliminate the "lectins" from our body without us even knowing we had a toxic substance in the body. Our body's immune system eliminates an array of all kinds of toxins we come in contact with on a daily basis. That's how our body is supposed to work!

But if our immune system "isn't" working correctly . . . these Lectins will affect us "negatively" and we are then unable to eliminate them from the body. Therefore, they become "toxic" to us.

As we now know from previous Health Tips . . . when we don't have enough "good" bacteria in our intestine . . . the immune system becomes compromised and allows toxins to fester. Therefore, these lectins get a free pass in our body.

Now . . .lectins love to "bind" to sugar and carbohydrates and that's how they get a free ride through the digestive tract. Yes, just another reason to cut out the sugar and carbs.

Lectins are called the "silent destroyer" and "mis-communicator" that can trigger the body to attack its own organs. They especially affect the "adrenal glands" and "thyroid gland". And Lectins provoke the release of large amounts of "histamine", which causes massive amounts of "inflammation" throughout the body. Which increases weight gain.

So I know we're talking about losing weight, but I thought this was important enough to list several more devastating factors about lectins. So here we go . . .

Lectins can:

1. cause red blood cells to clump together so blood clot potential rises, leaving us with a higher risk of heart disease and stroke

2. activate cell division, which is a cancer potential

3. enter the "fat cells" and "prevent" fat release, which "stops" weight loss and increases the body's demand for "sugar"

4. block the Leptin hormone (your fasting hormone)

5. reduce our defenses against "fungus" and "parasites"

6. increase the hormone "Cortisol" causing fatigue, depression, insomnia and cravings

7. decrease our protection from Multiple Sclerosis

8. increase asthma

9. increase intestinal inflammatory diseases such as Crohn's, colitis, IBS or celiac

10. reduce taste in the tongue

11. disrupt skin causing acne and psoriasis

So we can clearly see . . . lectins in the body, when our immune system can't eliminate them . . . is not a good thing!

Tomorrow we'll finish talking about what Lectins can do to our "HORMONES".

This is very important, so don't miss this Health Tip.

As always, feel free to contact me here

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