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Part 8 - How do we lose weight?

So yesterday we found out that if the body has a compromised immune system, it can't eliminate the proteins that can cause havoc to our health and weight.

Today we're going to talk about what this little protein can do to our "hormones" IF. . . it's allowed to get into our bloodstream.

So let's start with our "Insulin" hormone because we've spoken about it before and how it affects our weight.

"Insulin" is produced by the pancreas, And "insulin resistance" is "triggered" by the "over" consumption of lectin containing foods. For example . . . lectins in "wheat" - wreak havoc on the body's "FAT" cells by "binding to insulin"

"Leptin" hormone is made in fat cells and is a "hunger" hormone that DECREASES your appetite. This is a nighttime hormone (fasting) that signals that you're full. BUT . . . when lectins interfere . . . this leads to obesity because this fasting hormone is "turned off". Therefore, we never feel full and you're eating when you don't really need to

"Ghrelin" hormone is released mainly from the stomach and is our daytime hormone (raises the appetite) that signals you're hungry and need to eat. This hormone INCREASES your appetite and promotes fat storage for a rainy day. This is for our survival. Ghrelin also stimulates "Growth" hormones. BUT . . . when lectins interfere . . . this too can lead to obesity because lectins keep this hormone "turned on". Therefore, you can't stop eating.

"Growth" hormones are produced from the pituitary gland at the base of the skull. These hormones break down "fat" tissue and causes the build-up of muscle mass. BUT . . . when lectins interfere . . . we "retain" more fat . . . and "less" muscle mass

"Cortisol" hormone is made in the "adrenal glands" (remember yesterday I said lectins love this gland) that sit just above the kidneys. This hormone is called the "stress" hormone or the "BELLY FAT PRODUCER". If working correctly . . . it helps to control blood sugar levels, regulates metabolism, reduces inflammation and controls blood pressure. BUT . . . when lectins interfere . . . Cortisol keeps you awake at night which trigger the Leptin hormone to turn off (no more fasting), which triggers the Growth hormones to slow down production (now you retain more fat), which triggers Ghrelin to stay on and work double time making you hungry. And NOW YOU OVEREAT ALL DAY LONG!

And if that's not bad enough . . . Lectins "specifically" trigger "thyroid" cells to "talk to" immune cells and attracts TOO many of them to the thyroid by sending mixed signals and miscommunication. This is considered one of the early steps in the "autoimmune destruction of the thyroid".

Yup, you got it . . . once these lectins get into the bloodstream . . . they become the "miscommunicators" of our hormones and therefore, we don't have a chance in H___ of losing weight. All because our immune system couldn't eliminate them.

If you need more information and would like to set up a consultation feel free to contact me.

Tomorrow will be the last part to this series and just one more devastation we don't have a clue is happening in our body.

As always, feel free to contact me here.

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