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"Pattern Eating"

Okay people. . . so let's continue our conversation about controlling our weight . . .

You see . . . many of us have it all wrong . . .

We've been taught over the years . . . that to lose weight and get or stay in shape . . . we must exercise, exercise and then do more exercise . . . to burn the calories

But in actuality . . . "exercise" should only be "20%" of your weight loss effort.

With "nutrition" being "80%" . . . and "pattern eating" being the success to your mission or not.

So what is "Pattern Eating"???

Well . . . it's one of the most important things you will ever do for your health.

A dietary pattern is defined as the quantity, variety or combination of different foods and beverages in a diet.

You see . . . the body is actually set up like a machine. And it needs specific foods at specific times of the day to function properly.

And unfortunately . . . the random poor food choices we make in today's crazy world . . . are NOT "pattern eating".

We as a society . . . have lost that important concept.

When I was young . . . we had a wholesome breakfast first thing in the morning, a good lunch at noon and a nourishing dinner about 5 or 6 in the evening.

But in this crazy world of today . . . many of us have breakfast on the fly, which consists of coffee and a pastry or we don't eat breakfast until mid-morning or we skip breakfast altogether.

Lunch we miss sometimes or we grab a granola bar because we don't have the time to sit down and eat a meal.

And dinner . . . we're so exhausted from our day . . . we just throw together whatever we can find in the frig or we pop a dinner into the microwave.

And this is why . . . we as a society . . . are overweight and diseased

Eating "must" be a planned venture, so we get the proper nutrients we need for optimal health and weight loss.

We need a better routine PEOPLE!!! We need a better plan!

So let's take tomorrow and discover the possibilities of going back to basics and "eating" a different way.

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