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"Pattern Eating" - continued

So today let's continue to discover what "pattern eating" is and what it means to you and your health!

Okay . . . so this is "pattern eating" . . .

"Breakfast" - should consist of a "protein" and a "green leafy vegetable"

"Lunch" - a "protein", a "green leafy vegetable" and a "compliant" fruit

"Dinner" - a "protein", a "veggie" and a "compliant" complex carbohydrate

It's actually as simple as that.

But . . . to be successful in this mission of eating correctly . . . we "must" be PREPARED!

I think we can "all" agree . . . when we're hungry . . . who the heck wants to take the time to prep or make a big meal . . .

So why is this meal planning so important? Well . . . planning our own meals will allow us to see how much we're actually eating and of what nutritional value it is.

This is where the "serving size" vs "portion size" we spoke of a few weeks ago comes into play.

And I know . . . many of us dine out a lot because it's quick and easy . . . which does help us to eat a meal instead of picking poor food choices at home.

You know . . . like . . . chips, snack packs, cookies, granola bars, a bowl of cereal, a piece of bread . . . all those "empty calorie" foods that are actually making us MORE hungry because the body is STILL looking for some nutritious value.

So yes . . . it's easier to go out to eat . . .

But . . . restaurants of today . . . tend to serve a way bigger "portion" than the body needs to consume. And with this . . . we are NOW being PROGRAMMED to "OVEREAT".

So even though we think we're doing the body right by having a whole meal eating out . . . we now have the issue of whether that meal is "compliant" and/or a proper "serving size".

So tomorrow, we'll talk about "Meal Prep"

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