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"Permission" to "Pause"

As we know in life . . . "self-care" means giving yourself "permission" to "pause"!

To take time for you . . . To place "your" oxygen mask on first as they say!

We live in a world of uncertainty, emotion and complexity, which all becomes draining to the soul.

We all need to give ourselves the permission . . . to step back, take a deep breath and re-group 'within" ourselves.

I know for some (including myself) we feel at times we can't give ourselves that permission . . . we feel we don't want to let down the people that surround us..

But you know what? . . . it "is" okay!!!!!!

Eleanor Brown onces said:

"Self-care" is about taking the time for "you" to replenish your "spirit" . . .

And as we all know . . . we can't "serve from an empty vessel" . . .

"Replenishment" isn't about selfishness . . .

It's about refilling so we can "serve others from our OVERFLOW".

So today's Health Awareness tip is about letting it be OKAY . . . TO "PAUSE"!

As most of you know . . . I pretty much do research and help my clients 24/7.

And I can honestly say . . . I love what I do!

Helping people overcome their suffering and giving them that light bulb moment through information . . . has never really seemed like a job to me.

Seeing the hard work that people put into their health and then as they evolve into the person they set forth for their goals . . . is a victory . . for both of us!

And that's why I love my job . . . .

So with that being said . . . the month of August every year is my month to "pause" and replenish my body, mind and soul.

My Health Awareness tips will resume again in September.

And even though I'm accepting permission within myself to "pause" . . . if you're a faithful follower, a previous client or just need to refill an order. PLEASE . . . don't hesitate to contact me.

I'm not leaving the planet . . . I'm just replenishing my spirit to "serve you better".

So I leave you today with a quote from Diane Von Furstenberg that says,

"It's so important to take time for yourself and find clarity. The most important relationship in life . . . is the one you have with yourself".

Please stay safe and healthy in these troubled times. And take some time to replenish our body, mind and spirit . . . .


As always, feel free to contact me here

Leaving you with LOVE and ADMIRATION

SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER. I will miss you all but looking forward to a new and exciting journey with you.

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